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Send Personalized SMS & Voice Call

Our Voice and Bulk SMS Web platform helps you enhance your business. Now, you can share information with customers, clients, friends or any other social group. It is the most effective way to express emotions and communicate your message to a large number of people in a cost effective way.

Send Personalized Text

Every customer and friend needs to be addressed personally. Send different messages to different recipient with one push button

Delivery Guaranteed

We pride in our service as to beating our chest that no message is left unsent. We'll update you on DND information and charges

Upload Multiple Contact

Upload multiple contacts from an excel sheet or database in .CSV or . TXT format. Unlimited phone book to avoid stress or re-entering data

Support & Ease to use

Our support team are ever willing to assist you via Live Chat, Whatsapp, Skype, or calls. Even though, our system is user friendly

Pay Conviniently

You can pay online using your debit or credit card, Bank transfer, pay to bank, bank code transfer etc. Whatever suites you is fine with us

Schedule Delivery

Be the first to send clients birthday and anniversary messages. Schedule messages before due dates or event and keep track of delivery report

Delay is dangerous! Start Now!

When it comes to marketing and follow up, delay is as bad as doing nothing. Start now and be your customer's favorite

What you need to know

In addition to our voice portal that enables you reach your targeted audience, we also offer lead generation telemarketing services to our clients looking to reach a large number of people, thereby helping them tap into the pool of prospects to empower their organizational growth. We are one of Nigeria's most reliable web based Bulk SMS service that can deliver BULK SMS messages to any Mobile network globally. Our bulk SMS gateway is finely tuned to deliver the fastest and most reliable SMS messaging compared with other Bulk SMS Providers


Reasonably Affordable We ensure our prices are reasonably affordable to compete to help you get your message to the right amount of audience

Sender ID Registration

Please submit your Sender ID for Registration below to ensure delivery with your CUSTOMISED Sender ID to NON-DND Numbers.Please note that messag

How Do I Send a Voice Messages/Robo Calls?

https://youtu.be/vEycrS3QtI0 You can send pre-recorded Voice SMS/Robocall on our website. The audio messages have to be in .Mp3 or .Wav format.

Why your message might not deliver

Since the introduction of Do-Not-Disturb service across all GSM Networks in July, 2016, there has been lots of complaints by many GSM subscribers

How to pay

1. Bank Deposit: With this option, the payment you can send payment to our bank, and a copy of the transaction to our support WhatsApp lines.Wh

How to send personalized bulk sms

https://youtu.be/s_IBYlOpS-QWe will look at how to send Personalised SMS to a group of contacts on our website.Organizations like Cooperatives, L

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